About Us

The Island Cay Hotel was purchased just over a year ago by the Kappas family. Having a long family run in the hospitality industry the Kappas’ know how to make guests feel at home yet carefree as vacationers

Knowing the hotel was built in the 60’s gives it that charm that most adore. Some of the “charm” gives the staff a headache, but you would never know it. The customer service level that is demanded by Mr. Kappas and his family is something that has become accustomed to the staff. By that we mean we have beautifully updated rooms but are working very hard to complete our full renovation with newer bathtubs, switches, and such.

You can see by our reviews that our guest love us and sometimes we run into a few that no matter how hard we try, we fall short to their demands. We are working to fix that daily.

We have a satisfaction guarantee there is nothing to lose by coming to the Island Cay.